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GEO Pos Es una solución omnicanal, modular y escalable.
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It is an omnichannel, modular and scalable solution for Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Convenience Stores and retailers in general.

​Integral Solution

Tested and Stable

Decentralized and autonomous architecture

Multi-platform system
and Independent

and maintained

GEO Pos Suite


​About GEO Pos

​It is not only a point of sale but it is also
a powerful promotions engine, an integrator
of electronic payments, a credit authorizer, a
secure switch for financial transactions, a manager
of inventories, a customer CRM, a collection of
mobile applications, a trading platform
electronic, among many other features.


​Scan and pay

GEOPos Self-scan 

Self-payment solution that makes life easier for your customers. Your customers simply scan a QR code, pick up what they need and pay via smartphone. Super simple!

New product!

GEOPos Self-scan

​Make smart purchases. Keep customers coming back.

​A self-scan solution in retail refers to a system that allows customers to scan and pay for their own items without the direct assistance of a store employee. Unlike self-service kiosks, a self-scan solution runs on the customer's mobile device without requiring the store to have any additional hardware. Its main benefit is to minimize friction at the time of purchase and eliminate queues at the point of sale.


​Efficiency   ·   Store Cost Savings   ·   Personalization and Convenience   · Payment Verification   ·   Integration with GEOPromotions


​GEO Following the evolution of the Point of Sales


Integral solution

All modules interact with each other, generating a fully integrated operation.



​You can implement as many modules as one

want without any dependencies between them.

Tested and stable

Sales Points

20 K


17 years

​It is a solution with 17 years of
track record of continuous updating and continuous improvement; has collected needs and business logic from
some of the main pharmacy chains in Latin America. It is currently running in more than 20,000 Retail points of sale.

​Multi-platform and independent system

​It runs on both Linux and Windows and does not require specific hardware for POS, which involves a high investment in hardware.

Decentralized and autonomous architecture

The system can operate without being online, the box is autonomous.

south america.png

Leading solution in Latin America

Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Suite GEO Pos

The suite is divided into a series of components, each of which solves a specific group of business processes. The solution that ends up being instantiated in a particular installation may be composed of a subset of all these systems, according to the particular needs of each client.

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